Auction Premiums

Greater Than Up To Premium
0.00 + 20%

Auction Taxes & Fees

Numismatic sales tax exemption for dealers with valid resale certificate. Sales tax applies to invoices shipped to: CA if <$1500 and CT,LA,MD,MA if <$1000 DC,KS,KY,MN,MI,NV,NJ,NM,NY,OH,TN,WI. Sales tax applies to currency invoices shipped to: AL,CA,CO,CT,DC,KS,KY,LA,MD,MA,MN,MI,MS,NV,KS,KY,MN,MI,NV,NJ,NM,NY,OH,OK,PN,RI,TN,TX,VI,WA & WI.

Additional Fees

No data available.